Fieldspanielit ry in English
The Field Spaniel Club of Finland was founded in 2005. The purpose of the Club is to make Field Spaniels better-known in Finland, to provide information on the breed and on various activities suitable for the breed, to encourage networking between Field Spaniel owners, and to provide a cooperation platform for Field Spaniel breeders and owners.

The Field Spaniel Club of Finland is affiliated with the Finnish Kennel Club, the Finnish Spaniel Club and the regional kennel club Pohjois-Hämeen Kennelpiiri.

We stage an annual Club Show and arrange a special Summer Weekend for Field Spaniel owners, organize blood tracking field trials and match shows occasionally, and provide seminars and training opportunities. Besides this website we maintain two Facebook pages (membership/public) as well as publish a quarterly newsletter and a calendar – all these thanks to our active volunteers and breed enthusiasts. The Club also presents annual awards to the most successful Field Spaniels in the following classes: Show, Obedience, Agility, Rally, Tracking, and All Around.

Here’s some information on where to find information on Field Spaniels in Finland with translations of some key words.

The breeding database of the Finnish Kennel Club contains data on individual dogs registered in Finland (shows, trials, health, pedigree, litters) as well as breed-specific popularity, health and breeding statistics. All the official health check information is public in Finland.

  • Etusivu – Front page, a link to our public Facebook page and pictures of annual award winners
  • Ajankohtaista – Latest news
  • Yhdistys – the Club: includes contact information for our officers and committees
  • Rotu – Breed: you’ll find lots of pictures there!
  • Toiminta – Activities: pictures and results from the Club Show and other activities
  • Tulokset – Results
  • Näyttely - Show / Conformation
  • MEJÄ - Blood tracking
  • TOKO - Obedience
  • Kasvatus – Breeding
  • Kasvattaja – breeder: contact information

Thank you for your interest in our Club!